The journey . . .

We all find our way, one bit at a time.  Maurice Charland always loved to sing.  In grade three, his repertoire included French folk songs from school, Christmas carols, and the Broadway musical Oklahoma! from his parents' original cast recording. Their collection of 78 RPM records also introduced him to swing, jazz stylings, and the crooners of a time already passed.

After more than half a life-time of  listening to others but only singing for himself, he decided at age fifty to act on his passion for jazz and song.  Already a writer and teacher, he knew how to tell a story.  He found a voice teacher, Montreal's jazz diva Jeri Brown, he studied music, and began to sing for others.

Maurice Charland has taken his trio to a number of Montreal-area venues and cafés, including l'Escalier, the Sarejevo, Shaika, Kokkino, the Café Mariposa, and most recently Upstairs, Montreal's premier jazz club..  He also performs at jam sessions, at Montreal's Le Balcon, Harlem's fabled Lenox Lounge, and Cape Town's Swingers.

He complements his repertoire of jazz standards and cool postbop classics with moments of original jazz poetry.

Steeped in the jazz tradition, Maurice Charland has the maturity to know what he is singing about, even as he brings a fresh voice ro Montreal's jazz scene.